Day Nine -Around St John’s

We are back at Pippy Park for our second night.

Today we went a little further afield and over the hills to Petty Harbour, a very active fishing village. Beautiful scenery and coastline. We got to see the fishermen skillfully filleting their catch of cod. They get 60 cents a pound for fillets and $9.00 a pound for Cod Tongue.

Petty Harbour, NL
The Cod – Filetting the daily catch
The Harbour Fishing Boats

Then we went to Cape Spear, the farthest easterly point of North America. From the old (1836) light house to the World War II bunkers, it was a very interesting place.

The Old Lighthouse built in the 1800’s
Susan by the newer lighthouse

We are back at the campsite and it is pouring rain out. Glad we aren’t in a tent.

Heading west tomorrow.

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