Day Eleven – Gander & Twillingate

Today we had an opportunity to see Gander. We drove around the airport and reminisced about Come From Away. We then went looking for the 9/11 memorial. It is situated in the North Atlantic Aviation Museum. It’s small but had a good representation of aircraft through the ages.

the North Atlantic Aviation Museum

And it is here that we found the tribute to the 9/11 event. Here is Susan with a piece of the World Trade Tower that was given to the town to commemorate their help in their time of need.

Susan with a piece of the World Trade Tower.

The receptionist at the Museum was only 6 years old in 2001. She remembers her parents making food for the plane people and bringing some people home to use their shower. We told her to thank her parents for representing Canadians so well.

From here we headed north to Twillingate, a small fishing village on the North Atlantic.

Twillingate NL

Like most places we have visited, the tourist season being over, things are closed up or getting ready to close. They have returned to the quiet life of a little fishing village.

Twillingate NL

In the spring and early summer they thrive on boat tours to see Icebergs and whales, neither of which are there at this time of year.

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