Day Twelve – Gros Morne & Corner Brook

We made our way west along the Trans Canada Highway to the town of Deer Lake where we found a beautiful RV Park on the lake.

Deer Lake NL

I am sure that in summer this is a very popular place to catch some rays. Unfortunately at this time of year it was too cold to venture into the water.

From here we drove northwest to the Unesco World Heritage site, Gros Morne. Since the 1960’s this had become a major geological investigation site. It has been determined that at this point, the plates that move within the earth did something different in their movements. Instead of compressing the magma as they move they squeezed it up to the surface. This is the only place on earth that you can see the magma that makes up the underlying core of the earth.

Tablelands as seen from the highway.
Susan examines a piece of magma rock.

throughout our trip there have been warning signs to be vigilant looking for Moose, Cars and Moose don’t mix. This is one of the funnier renditions of the warning.

Really, we feel that the moose (and all other wildlife in Newfoundland) are really just employees of the government and like most attendants at the Information Centres, they have been laid off at the end of tourist season. We have not seen a single wildlife in Newfoundland. Even on George St, in St, John’s which has no less than 20 bars, we didn’t see any wild life, It may have been because we were there at 2:00 in the afternoon but still.

As for Corner Brook, the second largest city in Newfoundland, we have no pictures. It is by far our least favourite place in NL. It took us a long time to find the information centre (using Google) and when we did, it was closed. The city is built on hills and the streets follow the hills and wind everywhere. Then there are so many one way streets you can’t find your way even if we had a good map, We couldn’t wait to get back on the highway and headed south.

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