St Lawrence Cruise

Sunrise over the St. Lawrence

St Lawrence Cruise

Boarding the Canadian Empress

Canadian Empress

Such a little boat.

We weren’t expecting a cruise ship but we were expecting something comparable to the river boat we took down the Rhine. This one is a lot smaller. Oh well, only 36 passengers as opposed to 130 on the Rhine cruise.

The Canadian Empress of the St Lawrence Cruise Lines
St Lawrence Cruise

On our way to Kingston

The Big Apple

Half way to Kingston we passed the famous Big Apple. Looks like it is properly outfitted to combat COVID-19.

Before the trip St Lawrence Cruise Vacations_2020

Our Next Adventure Cruising The St Lawerence

The Canadian Empress

Well, Susan and I have decided to get away from this madness for a few days.  Actually, we decided on this back when COVID cases were coming under control and it looked like life might be returning to a semblance of order.  Of course, that was wishful thinking on our part.

Susan had wanted to take a European trip in Southern Ontario.  Visit such places as Paris, Hanover, Stratford, Dublin, Berlin (now known as Kitchener) and many others.   The idea was to visit these little bergs and larger towns,  stay in B&B’s and generally get away from it all.  

I was concerned about staying in a different place each night, so I looked for an alternative.  I came across an ad for St Lawrence Cruise Lines ( ).  It is a cruise from Kingston on the St Lawrence through the 1000 Islands up as far as Morrisburg and Upper Canada Village then back to Kingston.  Five days and four nights sounded perfect.  It would be fall and the colours would be peeking. And each night in the same bed.  We had always wanted to do this so now was the time.

Then “The Second Wavy” hit, and Ford made his announcement about clamping down on too many people getting together.  What to do?  We had paid for the trip.  What to do?  A phone call to the Cruise Line and a long talk assured us that they had the situation under control and Ford’s edicts did not apply to commercial ventures.   The cruise normally takes 96 passengers.  They had cut the number in half to 48.  At that moment (Monday last) they only had 34 passengers and 12 crew.  Each passenger was to have a COVID-19 test 4 days before the trip.   All the cleaning protocols were in place.   What to do?

We decided to throw all caution to the wind and go.   We went and got our tests (both negative) and started packing.  We leave on Friday and return next Tuesday. 

I’m looking over the itinerary and getting excited about getting away from this madness.