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  2. On Our Way to Kingston
  3. Boarding the Canadian Empress
  4. Sunrise over the St Lawrence
  5. Brockville Aquatarium
  6. Bolt Castle
  7. Back to Brockville
  8. Fort Wellington, Prescott
  9. The Cuisine is Amazing
  10. Upper Canada Village
  11. Heading Back to Gananoque
  12. It’s Raining
  13. And so we return to Kingston and the end of our cruise
St Lawrence Cruise

And so we return to Kingston and the end of our cruise.

This has been a very enjoyable 5 day adventure. Thank you to the Captain and Crew of the Canadian Empress for looking after each and every detail to keep us safe in this time of COVID-19.

Susan with Trevor, our Cruise Director

And special thanks to Trevor for keeping all entertained.

St Lawrence Cruise

It’s Raining

Final day in the rain.

We’ve had an enjoyable cruise and have had beautiful weather for the first four days. Today, our last day, the skies have opened up.

Gananoque Boat Museum

We have one more short walking tour. This is to the Ganinoque Boat Museum. At its completion we will sail up river to our final destination, Kingston.

Cedar Strip roundabout.

St Lawrence Cruise

Heading back to Gananoque

During another lovely lunch, the boat headed up stream back to Gananoque where we will overnight prior to our last day and return to Kingston.

Colours along the St Lawrence
Flying kites off the stern. Easiest kite flying ever.
St Lawrence Cruise

Upper Canada Village

Due to low water levels at Chrysler Park Marina in Morrisburg, we had to overnight in Prescott. This morning two yellow Limousines (also known as school buses) picked us up and transported us into the past. We had a short but enjoyable stroll through the village guided by three costumed characters from the 1860’s. It was a taste of a tour. Of the 40+ buildings in the village we saw 4.

Some of many pictures taken at the Village. PumpkInFurno was underway.

Social Distancing and mask wearing are not traditional but are required.
Mary, our tour guide showing off some of the many pumpkin sculptures at the village for PumpkInfurno, a not so scary celebration for Halloween. In the background is the Village Tavern.
St Lawrence Cruise

The Cuisine is Amazing

The cruise has been great but the highlight of the trip has been the cuisine. Each meal, be it breakfast, lunch or dinner, has been phenomenal. The chef has outdone herself on each subsequent meal.

The Grand Salon

Each meal included our choice of beverage. The house wine is Pelee Island.

Paige our bartender at the Salon Bar

Our cabin, although not very big was small (I mean cozy).

Cabin 32

We are enjoying the experience.

St Lawrence Cruise

Fort Wellington, Prescott

Fort Wellington

Visited Fort Wellington today. It’s not too big. Only three or four buildings but it played a significant roll in the 1837 Rebellion. It also defended the St Lawrence shipping lanes during the War of 1812.

St Lawrence Cruise

On to Brockville

Brockville, city of the 1000 Islands, where the St Lawrence meets the 1000 islands.

From here east the river narrows to about one and a half KM.

Did you know that the 1000 Islands (actually more like 1860 islands) are really the tips of a mountain range that stretches from the Canadian Shield to the Adirondack Mountains of Upper New York?

St Lawrence Cruise

Bolt Castle

Bolt Castle
Entrance Arch
Children’s Play House
The Power House
The Boat House (On the mainland across from Heart Island)

This is really something to see. Of course we could only see it from the boat. It is on American soil.

It was built in the late 19th century as a present to his wife. She died before it was finished and Bolt stopped construction immediately. No one ever lived here.

St Lawrence Cruise

Brockville Aquatarium

There is a lot more than fish. Here is Justin the Beaver

Justin Beaver
Justin in his lodge